Are you a manager? Do you process at you company CAD drawings, databases, lists? Do you struggle with man-hours, deadlines, picky customers? I think I can help you. With over twenty years of experience in engineering and even more in programming I know what kind of help you may look for.

I have never taken any serious programming class, never worked as a professional programmer. Just programming passion drove me to spend thousands of hours searching for codes, modifying them, developing my own solution. My area of interest is mostly Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) but I do program VB.Net and C++ as well.

Many years ago I wrote my first VBA program which handled cross-references in AutoCAD drawings. I realised how powerful tool it is. The program not only shortened CAD work but also eliminated cross reference mistakes. Then I wrote some codes for MS Excel and results were even more spectacular. No retyping mistakes, processing time reduced to just minutes comparing to days needed earlier.

I will publish here my ideas which I completed so far just to give you the impression how I could make your business even more successful.